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Here's the story of A Bit of Lovely...

I started this blog because I'm a mother who hopes to uplift and inspire other women and mothers.
I have up and down days.  There are days when I can't believe what I've gotten myself into.  But, mostly there are days when I can't believe how blessed I am to be the mommy to 3 beautiful healthy boys.
I want Simply Lovely to be a place where mothers can come read something to brighten their day, to give them encouragement when they are having trouble, to remind them of the things in life that really matter.  And hopefully also a laugh or two!
We aren't going to pretend that life isn't hard at times, or that everything is always perfect.  But we are not going to focus on those times.  We want to focus on the experiences that have brought us strength and brought light into our lives.
The job of a mother, at least to me, is the hardest but also the best job in the world.  Sometimes while caring for all the little ones in our lives, we forget our own individual worth and we need to be reminded.  And sometimes we just need reassurance that we are doing a good job.
Often times women are their own worst critic and too often this way of thinking becomes harmful and not helpful to their personal growth.  I want this website to be a place that helps women grow and where they  can share their own experiences in the triumphs and joys of life.
I hope here at Simply Lovely we can find friends who are like us:  women who are doing the best they know how every day.


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